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The Vain Projects Manifesto is to state the necessity of why such a gallery exists.

VAIN PROJECTS exists to cultivate and celebrate radical cultural influences.

A linchpin in the success of this project is contingent on a lack of pigeonholing our roster. Not only demographically, but also stylistically.


If we had to describe common traits among our artists, they would be the following: Evolution in their work over time, originality, intention, and most importantly a tenacious spirit. One might argue that these individuals emulate the human experience through their practice, both in the process and the outcome.


This is what has allowed us to garner artists and bodies of work that not only have beautiful form, but also character, and purpose. 


We see these artists as philosophers, educators, rebels, visionaries, perhaps even degenerates… They just so happen to manifest their convictions in artistic mediums in such compelling ways that it demands we champion it to the rest of the world.


We intend to enable these individuals to not only leave their mark on art history but history itself. Don’t get us wrong, we would be naive to think that they all will. Some will, some will not. It is up to us however to make sure that each artist on our roster has the chance.

Long may our artists reign.



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3 Staunton St, Central, Hong Kong

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