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“A hundred charms bloom with a single glance, a smile that outshines the beauty of all maidens in six palaces, rendering them colourless.” — Bai Juyi, excerpt from the “Song of Immortal Regret”


VAIN Projects is delighted to present Baak3 Mei6 Saang1, a solo exhibition featuring the works of the Melbourne-based Hong Kong artist, Scotty So.


Baak3 Mei6 Saang1 is taken from the classical Tang dynasty poetry, Song of Immortal Regret. Translating to “a hundred charms bloom”, the three characters captures the timeless and ravishing allure of a great female who also has a strong mind. 


The delicate cheongsam envelops each contour and curvature of a beauty. With a gentle touch, his strong visage is adorned with an airy colourful veil. Exuding the duality and charm reminiscent of Bai Juyi’s verses, So is bringing forth an enigmatic body of work. Working across an expansive array of mediums, including painting, photography, sculptures, site-responsive installations, videos, and drag performances. So unravels before us that the notion of beauty should defy the confinement within simple binaries. 


Baak3 Mei6 Saang1 invites us to explore the fluidity of beauty in Scotty So’s camp and whimsical artistic expression. Witness the blooming of a hundred charms at VAIN Projects, and render the confines of the palace colourless…


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