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VAIN Projects is thrilled to debut its first international show with the group exhibition, Body Language. 


Disarray, confusion, and division... This is what the people were when Yahweh confounded the one language shared between them. The Tower of Babel ceased construction after their words got lost in translation through the several languages they speak… 


In Body Language, Athene Galiciadis, Lily Alice Baker and Riya Chandiramani shatter the boundaries set by language and weave a celestial web of creative expression. With dexterous strokes on canvases and in various mediums, the artists transcend the linguistic boundaries to cast their gaze upon societal complexities and beckon the audience into a profound speechless dialogue. 


Step into a realm where borders vanish, ideologies converge, and human connections flourish, as we celebrate the power of nonverbal communication to unite us all.


12th - 23rd October, 2023


Bäckerstrasse 26, 8004, Zürich


Tuesday - Saturday

11AM - 7 PM

Sunday and Monday via appointments


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