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  • Size: Approx. A2 – 40 cm (W) X 53.5 cm (H)
  • Edition: Limited series of 10 prints
  • About: According to popular belief, Kamadhenu, the mother cow, or wish-fulfilling cow goddess, rose out of the ocean of milk with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. The ocean of milk was churned by male gods and demons in an attempt to restore a their power.Here, the mother cow (Niu Mama 牛妈妈) delivers prosperity to a city centered around wealth and finance. She embodies wealth – enhanced by Riya’s use of traditional Laisee packets, in which money is gifted during the new year to spread good luck. Riya’s motive is to draw awareness to the fact that women are vital, productive contributors to the economy, but often not viewed as such, and are subsequently treated as second-class, often invisible, workers – the “cow” there to feed and serve the family in the private, unpaid sphere.


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SKU: RC008
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