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VAIN Projects proudly makes its inauguration at Art Central 2023 with the group exhibition, Rhapsody.


Flowing and ebbing without the confines of form and structure, a world spontaneously develops with contrasting moods and tonality. In Rhapsody, artists Alli Conrad, Wong Chun Ho Harris (Neck), Jake Scharbach, Peter Yuill, Riya Chandiramani, and Von Hyin Kolk chant in drastically different yet harmonised voices. These artists reveal the absurdities of greater power structures, explore the intricacies of identity and tradition, and triumph the forces of their minds in a diverse range of aesthetics and palettes.

Still wouldst us sing, and have thy ears in VAIN.

The Rhapsody will be performed from the 21st – the 25th of March 2023 at Art Central in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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